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Bushman's Nek Hotel - QuarterBunny

Bushman’s Nek Hotel
Luke Comins

Review Overview



I wasn’t expecting to get another bunny down before the end of 2009, considering I was now on a family holiday up in the Southern Drakensberg. I suppose Christmas can be full of surprises…

We decided to take time out from braai’s and Cadac cylinders and wandered up the sand road from our camping resort to visit the Bushman’s Nek Hotel for dinner (now the ‘Bushman’s Nek Berg and Trout Resort). This resort has had some serious make-overs in the last few years and has the best (and biggest) imitation ‘rock pool’ I have ever seen, with a heated section nogal. They have a spectacular view of the Drak mountains (what’s left of it down this dwindling end of the range) and the restaurant/dining room has a seriously extensive menu, which is suprising considering that much of the accomodation at the resort is self-catering.

Squizzing at the menu my boet spotted ‘BUNNY CHOW – Traditional Eastern Recipe served in a quarter loaf of bread’… Kiff, a bunny in the flippen Berg! My boet and I decided we’d be back for the pool and the bunny in the next few days… for now I’d settle for the double chilli burger, with extra chillies!

And the next few days it was… The day we were recovering from vinting up the Sani Pass in Matt’s Land Cruiser. We placed our order and the lunch arrived after about 20 minutes, not bad considering there were ten of us, but we’d made a mistake and ordered two mutton bunnies… if I had known I would have ordered the quarter chicken, or beef. No beans here.

I have to admit that besides all the excitement of being able to get a bunny chow in the Berg and klupping one with my boet (from Nelspruit) for the first time, we were gravygravely disappointed. We scored it a decent 4/5 for size and cleanliness and a full 5 points for vibe (heck, no Durban view can beat this one!) - but a low 2/5 for taste and 1/5 for price… R45.00 was a bit steep considering it wasn’t the real deal. Not the real deal? - no serious flavour and not hot at all, and the mutton was loaded with fat, too much fat [see photo 3].

On chatting to Desmond, the ‘Food & Beverage Manager’ at the resort, he mentioned that during off-peak season they usually sell only 10-15 bunnies a week (most folk unaware of what the heck a bunny chow is! Tourists…) and they have only had it on their menu for the last two months. The curry is made by a Zulu chef and Desmond blamed the serious amount of fat on the meat supplier… would that not be his fault for buying that cut perchance?

Perhaps they’ll improve with time… I’ll check it out again next year I’m on holiday up there again!