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Cha-Cha's Restaurant, Bar & Take-Away - QuarterBunny

Cha-Cha’s Restaurant, Bar & Take-Away
Luke Comins

Review Overview



Decided to try out another one of the small guys now that we’ve klupped most of the big names in bunny chow kingdom… only problem is that there are literally hundreds of these guys dotted around Durban. Then there’s Chatsworth, Mobeni, Jacobs, Phoenix, Verulam, Stanger, Maritzburg…

Rakesh runs this little bit of everything on Umgeni Road (seems to even include a dodge lodge upstairs?) and fortunately came to my rescue when I was told by the counter assistant that there was NO beans bunny available today. He has all the usual meat bunnies available and alternates between a broad and a sugar bean bunny every day. It was the price of the quarter beans that caught my eye from the road as I scooted past. Not many spots selling a quarter beans for R8.00 anymore…

There were a few tables to sit at inside (hence the title ‘restaurant’) but I chose to scoot around the corner to the almost completed Moses Mabhida Stadium and sit on my comfy leather seat with a view (but ended up looking through more security bars there as wel!*) As well as Cha’Cha’s, there are a good number of cafés selling bunnies along this part of Umgeni Road and, due to their proximity to the stadium, they could have the potential of being real cash cows when the tourists arrive for the World Cup football next year. Bit of a paint-job might help though.

Upon writing this review, one of my design studio colleagues has peeked over my shoulder and commented “ahh, Cha-Cha’s… I know them. They used to be open 24 hours and sell booze!”. They are still a licensed ‘bottle store’ but I seriously doubt they offer the 24hr service anymore as, judging by the security bars* all over the inside of the store, they’ve probably had their fair share of robberies in past years.

Back to the bunny… it was a fair size and the gravy was good. I can chow a flippen hot curry but this was average. The accompanying salad looked rather withered so I left that in the packet. And as seems to be the norm, much to my disapproval, no serviette for those turmeric-coloured fingers…

Still fills the hole and beats a pie from Checkers or the likes any day!

Sway those hips!