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Citi Foods - QuarterBunny

Citi Foods
Luke Comins

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OK, I did say we weren’t going to bother with any more bunny outlets on Ummm…geni Road…

On a previous visit to Cha Cha’s (almost next door) I noticed Citi Foods and quickly popped my head around the door to check the menu. I was politely greeted by a chap who handed me a rather ‘with-it’ printed menu to take away, I told him I was from QuarterBunny® and would probably be back. The menu seems rather decent (being designers ourselves) and gives the impression that this outlet is a trustworthy franchise and therefore, hopefully, sticks to some kind of reliable service delivery.

This time we were on our way to one of the many Govenders to review their bunny chow, but after driving not far from the office it struck us that Friday lunch at Lugs might just be a bad idea. The o’s are probably lining up to book the parking lot for the evening and all were our thoughts. We were driving along Umgeni Road and suddenly my colleague swerves over to the side of the road… “what the heck?”… “Sorry boet, just thought I’d squizz out this spot over here quickly!” Citi Foods again.

We skeemed it was probably a better idea to los Lugs for a quieter day, so locked up the van and went in to order. The regular lack of decor and no connection to the ‘look and feel’ of the printed menu whatsoever. A few tables are available to sit n’ eat but we arrived when they were about to close for Muslim prayer time. Our order was quick, we grabbed a litre Coke and returned to the office to tuck into our stash.

Hmmm. The bunny was a rather vivid orange colour, hence the title of this review. Otherwise yet another budget bunny that one can’t really complain about due to the price (R9.00). We won’t rave about it though and, with serious persuasion, might pluck up the courage to return sometime as we only ordered a quarter broad beans so can’t really sum up what’s on offer at this outlet. It wasn’t the usual beans gravy and tasted very much of curry powder and tons of salt. They kind of outlets often seem to be more focussed on giving factory workers in the vicinity a budget meal (isn’t that perhaps what a bunny’s supposed to be anyway?) – BUT for the forfeiture of a decent one.

Citi Foods menu consists of the usual: burgers, jumbo rolls, curry & rice, bunnies, jumbo hot dogs, sandwiches and roti rolls. They do office parties and functions and deliver in the near vicinity.

Rated an overall sad average of 14/25