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Coconut Grove - QuarterBunny

Coconut Grove
Luke Comins

20 years ago Bob Moodley had to travel all the way to Overport to get a lekker bunny with his good buddies Hoosen Kolia and the late Manu Padayachee. That’s when he decided to buy the pokey little ‘post office’ looking building we all now know as the famous Coconut Grove. From tough beginnings of making a mere R20 turnover a day, it now goes through almost 500-600 kg of mutton in one weekend!

Open for almost 24 hours a day on the weekends, they are admittedly renowned more for their killer Mexican chilli burgers than their bunnies. During the week it’s quiet and there is something to be said for spreading your bunny chow out on the newsprint wrapping with a 2 litre Coke on the boot of your car, enjoying the spectacular view of the lagoon… life does not get better than this my Chinas (or should that be… my Indians?)

The bunnies were tasty and of a fair size, not too fancy, just right for a quick meal when on the move. Getting orders from as far a field as Cape Town, Johannesburg and even the UK, father and son team Bob and Hagen Moodley have found themselves packaging food to journey on a long 12-hour flight to London for homesick Durbanites desperately craving a bunny or a ‘lekker’ burger ‘with the works’ from ‘Lugs’.

Oh yeah, ask them for some vinegar chillies to go with your meal… phew, they’re good!