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Durban Curry House - QuarterBunny

Durban Curry House
Luke Comins

Thankfully Durban Curry House opened up in our area. I think their fine bunnies got us thinking once again, that more people should know about them and where to find them… and so was resurrected. It’s so cool to have a quality bunny chow so close to the office!

It’s a tough call between the lamb bunny (whatever happened to mutton?) and the chicken bunny. Both bunnies are of a decent size and a fair price and of course the broad or sugar beans is always a good fall back too. We kind of cycle through them. At present though I think their chicken bunny is the best. Not bony or greasy and made from chicken breast, it is super tasty and definitely recommended. (Oh, and I forgot the kebab bunny which is available on Thursdays)

The bonus for us is that they deliver in the area. When the microwave broke down at the office bunny chow aroma was the order of the day every lunchtime. As you might have guessed, the microwave hasn’t been fixed yet!