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El-Shaddai Take-Aways - QuarterBunny

El-Shaddai Take-Aways
Luke Comins

Had a crazy deadline and needed some divine intervention. We have recently discovered that there are quite a few bunny-selling outlets along Umgeni Road – but dare to venture into the broad road that leads to construction… with the new Moses Mabhida Stadium and all.

We have already reviewed Cha-Cha’s further down Umgeni and spotted this one on our way there a few weeks ago. These guys caught our attention with their price board outside, one of the few still selling a beans bunny for under R10.00.

In the running for a good few years, El-Shaddai’s bunnies are OK, nothing to write home about although some have said that they sometimes get a good bunny here. For R8.50 (sugar bean) and only R18.00 for chicken… can you grumble.

“It wasn’t the most glorious” was my QuarterBunny colleague’s comment. ”That’s what you’re gonna get when you’re down to your last twenty bucks.”

Perhaps we’ll skip the other outlets left on this road. Seems like they aim to sell a cheap chow and aren’t passionate about the quality of the curry that goes into a bunny. I’ve said it before, these folk need to up their game before the World Cup in 20-10. They’re right on the doorstep of the stadium.

Quarter Chicken rated 14/25 overall and the quarter broad beans 15/25.