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Favourites Take Away - QuarterBunny

Favourites Take Away
Luke Comins

Now here’s one I haven’t tried in ages.

I was on one of my missions to fetch my boy from pre-school and take him home, swap the child friendly Golf for the Vespa and return to work. I’m a rather busy chap at work and don’t often to get out of my corner of the studio, but here I was travelling down Umbilo Road, passing at least 15 bunny chow outlets, and it was lunch time.

Back in the early 90′s my wife and I lived on the corner of Berea & Umbilo Road (and whatever they’re called now!) and was indeed one of our favourites for a bunny. I think a quarter beans back then cost us R2.50. Being relatively frequent patrons to the take-away, we got to know the rather pleasant owner and always knew that his bunnies were going to meet our satisfaction. They then sold the take-away a few years ago to Afzal Sahib and the funny thing about this is that he owns the corner café at the bottom of my road, Penzance Road! There he was sat behind the typical South African take-away burglar bars with his wife busy cooking the curries in the kitchen.

This place is your typical industrial area take-away with a few sit-down tables, a few arcade games and the need for a bit of brightening up. I really don’t know how someone can sit in that kind of environment every day. Depressing. Something rather cool that always used to grab my attention were the ‘retro’ relief plastic Coke and Fanta ads on the walls. I didn’t seem to notice them this time.

I ordered the quarter sugarbeans for nostalgic (and cautionary) reasons and waited a few minutes for it to be handed to me through the little opening in the burglar bars, said a few words, took a few photos and headed back to work. I got stuck into the bunny before taking a photo so excuse the look of that one. Not bad for what now costs R6.00. Size was good, bread was fresh, taste was hot (nice for me but perhaps not for the general public) but all the small sugar beans got a bit irritating after a while so I left it at that. Oh yeah, no sambals with that price and the serviette was useless as it was soaked in the gravy from the bunny.

A quarter chicken is R22.00 and quarter mutton is R24.00. Afzal’s biggest seller is – the quarter sugarbeans bunny, Umbilo Road style.

I’ll hopefully be back in the near future to try the mutton bunny for the first time…