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Ganies Restaurant & Take Away - QuarterBunny

Ganies Restaurant & Take Away
Luke Comins

A QuarterBunny® meeting was just around the corner as well as the need to klup yet another bunny so we headed, just around the corner, to a little restaurant that our big chief had spotted while getting his car serviced in Stamford Hill Road…

Ganies Restaurant & Take Away is rather a new kid on the sidewalk, having only been in business for ±6 months, but the whole family is on-board to make things happen and the venue is worth recommending if you’re in the area and are looking for a nice comfy & quiet table to meet a friend at for lunch. They have all the regular ‘weekday specials’ a typical Halaal Indian restaurant has on offer as well as breakfasts, toasted sandwiches, burgers (limited), wors rolls, steaks, fish & chips… Prices have gone up recently but are still fair and portions are filling.

The mutton, chicken and beans bunnies were a reasonable size and rather tasty but our Indian QB fundees were not greatly impressed by the kebab curry and rice (same curry that would obviously fill the quarter kebab bunny they sell). The vibe was sedate and friendly, the tables and kitchen very clean, and a jug of iced water and glasses being a nice added touch. Oh yes, plenty of serviettes.


12 February 2010

On a return visit to Ganie’s today we were rather impressed. Being a Friday and the Muslim’s are off to pray at lunch time, they opened their door and after a rather blunt “What do you want?” let us inside and kindly served us our bunnies. The quarter beans was a fair size, good flavour, plenty of gravy and a reasonable deal at R13. The chicken, now the chicken is a bargain at R24, deboned and all.