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Goundens - QuarterBunny

Luke Comins

Trying to locate Goundens could equate to trying to find the furry kind down a labyrinth of rabbit burrows, so make sure to have a squiz at the map on the left.

When you’re in sight of the entrance, walk through the odd garage corridor, past the signage shop and car repair shop… keep following the scented trail of masala, cumin, cloves, coriander… until you reach yet another holy grail of Durban’s bunny chow dens.

For Goundens it’s their mutton bunny. It’s been said (by the Gounden family) that ‘people come from all over the country for them’, ‘They come here straight from the airport’. Despite mutton’s tendency to be tough and fatty, their meat is tender and there’s no trace of gristle. Due to a high turnover everything’s real fresh and on a busy day, Goundens can go through 11 sheep (shame!) and 17 trays of bread to make their mutton bunnies. Never mind the rest of the menu!

While you wait for your order (which can sometimes take up to an hour as this place pumps like an Iraqi oil rig) you can enjoy the sport on the plasma TV screen or have a beverage in the pool room. Other than that there’s nothing fancy about the décor (and Man United posters), it’s all about the jostling patrons of all colours, shapes and sizes (even the kerels!) and enormous helpings of curry.

One of the bonuses about Goundens is that they use a ‘bunny purpose loaf’ that they cut in half so you get a man size meal. Their prices are average and you’re not disappointed in the slightest. The quarter mutton and chicken is R27 and it was a treat to have a sit-down quarter broad beans for R10.

Open weekdays till 18h00 and 17h00 on Saturdays.