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Govenders House of Curries - QuarterBunny

Govenders House of Curries
Luke Comins

This is our second tie-in with our ‘Month of Govenders’ review and we have, after last week’s first Govender disappointment, now regained hope in the ‘House of Govender’…

We were a bit thin on the QuarterBunny® team for this review but decided we must still advance with our goal of visiting FOUR Govender outlets in a month. We thought the take-out option would be best this time as we had some long overdue boardroom painting to do.

I kicked down to Lug’s (Blue Lagoon) on the Vespa and had quite a mission getting there due to ±10 traffic lights being down in a 5km radius (becoming a norm these days in Durban!) and on arrival found that the power was out in the Sun City look-a-like building where Govenders House of Curries is situated.
“When did the power go down, do you still have any hot bunnies?” I asked. The young chap standing in the dark behind the counter replied “Yes, we’re cooking with gas”. Splendid.

I couldn’t read the menu boards due to the place being blacked out but “one quarter beans, one quarter mutton & two Coke buddies please” was all that was necessary. While I was waiting for my order, which took about ten minutes max, I introduced myself and asked a few questions. How is this particular Govenders related to the other Govenders…?

If you have read our ‘Month of Govenders’ post on our home page then you will know that Mrs Sagree Govender owns Govenders Curry Kitchen in Sydney Road and Govenders Curry Den on Edwin Swales Drive… and can you believe it! – according to this young Indian chap, her grandson, she owns this oultet as well! Then there’s Govender’s House of Curries in Isipingo and another one in Phoenix… oh yes, and another Govenders House of Curries in Westcliffe, Chatsworth and another in Westmead Industrial area, Pinetown…

Back to the bunnies… the ¼ sugar bean put us back R13.00 and the ¼ mutton R28.00. ¼ chicken is available for R27.00. The flavour was rather good in both, nice n’ hot (maybe too hot for some), plenty of gravy. Scored 4/5 for taste; 3 & 4/5 for size and 3/5 for price.

Cleanliness we gave a 3/5 and, as far as the vibe is concerned, there’s not too much going on at the outlet itself. A bit of seating is available inside and out that is shared with the other neighbouring outlets but they do charge a sit-down fee. Hmmm. For that we’ll give it a 3/5. The location lends itself more to eating outside on the car bonnet or across the way on the grass where one has a view of the Umgeni River/Blue lagoon.

This is probably the most popular Govenders amongst bunny chowers for that very reason.

Oh yes, no flippen serviettes once again!