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Happy Chappy Take-Away & Restaurant - QuarterBunny

Happy Chappy Take-Away & Restaurant
Luke Comins

Here’s yet another Durban take-away outlet I have noticed for decades yet have never bothered to visit… until recently, when a good friend recommended their bunnies a few times. For a number of years he frequently ordered dinner from Happy Chappy while living in the Mangrove Court apartment block above – and still continues to pop in there for an occasional mutton curry and a chat with the owner, even though he’s now relocated to Durban North.

When we arrived at Happy Chappy there was a table reserved for us, the only one with a tablecloth, which made the four of us feel rather important. We placed our order and then proceeded to move from table to table (taking the cool tablecloth with us!) around the ‘verandah’ to find a table that was suitable to sit more around – we were still expecting our QuarterBunny® head honcho (and my good friend I mentioned above) to catch up.

Jay Naidoo, Mr Happy Chappy himself, has been running the outlet for 20 years and happily talked to us about how in the ‘old days’ he had a white person operating the business due to the red tape of the group areas act. He was rather proud to pull out some his treasure – some faded laminated pages from a magazine where he had been mentioned in good taste and you could easily see that this chap has a passion for good food and service. There was a steady flow of regulars at the counter with an extensive menu to choose from and Happy Chappy does a big trade during holiday seasons due to the close proximity to the beachfront. The car guard downstairs was quite a laugh. “Are you going to be here for more than an hour” he asked, smiling happily. “You’re welcome to park here for an hour but if you’re going to stay for two, not to worry, we can make a special plan…” On that note, driving past it initially looks a difficult place to find a parking but just pull in below the outlet on Playfair Road and there’s a small parking lot with ample parking.

We didn’t wait longer than 10 minutes for our order and phew, what a happy sight. These bunnies do make you a rather happy chappy. The quarter mutton was excellent and we rated it a high five (out of five!), the size (see images) was great and price well worth it (R26.00). The quarter chicken seemed a bit burnt, which affected the taste, but still great size & price-wise (R26.00). The quarter broad beans was impressive, rather hot the way I love it, and as with the others got a fiver for taste and size – and a score of today’s average four for price. This is one of the few places that actually places a coriander leaf as garnish.

The breyani was a bit on the dry side, some dhall would have been nice; the price a bit steep but OK considering the large portion. The mutton curry put a smile on a few faces and, hah, my good friend and Happy Chappy regular got hold of one of our scorecards and gave it top ratings in all five categories. He would. We also got a glimpse of a pan of fish & chips for R25.00 and that alone looked worthy of a return visit. The burgers also looked rather scrumptious.

Jay is currently remodeling on the decor side of things and wants everything to be red and black. Bring it on, the new red chairs are pretty snazzy. The overall vibe was OK, the place clean (the tablecloth helped) and he also has a well stocked licensed bar.