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Hollywood Sportsbook - QuarterBunny

Hollywood Sportsbook
Luke Comins

There are a good few bunny spots that we repeatedly get a recommendation on through our various website submission forms. Many of them we’re sure are punted by the owners of the outlets themselves – they always give their bunnies an ‘excellent’ rating! Hollywood Sportsbook is one that keeps getting a mention…

Now we’re really not the betting kind and we haven’t raced off to this one for this very reason but come Friday lunchtime we were so jolly hungry we could have eaten a horse. Bingo! Let’s go to that flippen Hollywood Sportsbook joint and klup a bunny.

HollywoodPark in Spingfield Park/Umgeni Park is the flagship for the Hollywood Sportsbook brand and has a very different image to what South African bookmaking outlets were in the past (tucked away in a dodgy part of town, tickets strewn all over the floor, grubby white plastic furniture…) This outlet is seriously geared up for those who enjoy feeding their betting vices but we chose not to explore that side of things, just show us the bunny. Being a Friday lunchtime the place was seriously buzzing, we headed past a good number of folk carrying armfuls of take-aways to their cars and upstairs to an outdoor covered deck. With no vacant tables available we chose to sit at the ‘bar’, right under the TV… one of the many TV’s.

There was no horsing around in this place and we didn’t wait more than two minutes before being served. There were only three of us this time so it worked out well – one ¼ mutton, one ¼ chicken and one ¼ boontjies please… and three Cokes. We had a good laugh at the cover of the vast menu on offer… “Coldest Beers in Durban”… “Outdoor airconditioning”… I spotted a table being vacated so we moved away from the Quarter Horse now that we’d decided a Quarter Bunny sounded better, and our waitress arrived with our order no more than ten minutes later.

What a bunny! We all raved over it. The mutton was tender, a bit oily but scored 19/25 on our scorecard. The chicken was good, bones and all. According to my colleague this is how a chicken bunny should be and scored another 19/25. Then the broad beans, my personal favourite, which scored yet another 19/25. Hmmm… rigged voting? Nah. For taste, size, price (¼ mutton and chicken, R26 and ¼ broad/sugar beans, R16) vibe and cleanliness this was a THOROUGHBRED bunny chow, I’ll stake my bet on this spot!