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Mrs Govender's Curry Kitchen and Take Away - QuarterBunny

Mrs Govender’s Curry Kitchen and Take Away
Luke Comins

“… my favourite places are those dodgy looking corner tea rooms found in weird industrial areas that you only hear about from some old Aunty selling curried pineapple along the Durban beachfront. I think another general rule to selecting your bunny outlet or dare I say your ‘dealer’, to get your fix, is that the name of the place has to start with a stereotypical Indian surname e.g “Govender’s Curry Den” or “Moodley’s Mad Bunnies”. Look out for similar types of names and you are guaranteed a cracker bunny chow!”Peter Orsmond’s Blog, (May 09)

We couldn’t agree more, well so we thought, as we decided to embark on an adventure to figure out the Govender family tree (something we’ve had on our minds to do for a while now). QuarterBunny® have labelled the next foursome of bunny reviews as ‘THE MONTH OF GOVENDERS‘ and what better place to start than with the Aunty herself!

Mrs (Sagree) Govender’s Curry Kitchen and Take Away is one of those dodgy looking tearooms in an industrial area, and yet another outlet that I scoot past every day on my way home (passing two other Govender’s on the way!) They have been serving bunnies for 12 years and seem to be a bit of a ‘has bean’ on the local route. On arrival the four of us couldn’t help but chuckle at all the cheesy painting and branding inside and out stating ‘the best bunny’ (see images below).

It was a flippen hot Friday, lunch time, and the outlet was busy – seemingly folk working in the area. We placed our order and went over to the seating area to find a table – a clean table? and a fan perhaps. The seating rocked!! (literally). The 3 bunnies, some samoosas, and our 1.25l Coke and cups arrived in no more than 10 minutes and we had finally settled at a table with chairs that didn’t hit a wobbly when sat on. Click, click, click went the three cameras and we began our usual ceremony. The ¼ sugar beans was one up on other outlets in that it was also available with a mutton gravy.(R13 / R17 with mutton gravy) A popular choice with the wit o’s that pop in and all, as well as the mutton bunny combos and (boneless) beef curry, according to Sagree Govender. Not sure if she was the ‘Mrs’ – or her mother, who was in the kitchen making the food…

The bread didn’t seem to be very fresh but the size kinda made up for it. We all gave it a 3/5 for size and price, and waivered between 2 and 3 on the taste. The ¼ chicken (R27) was average, a whole drumstick on the top, the walls of the bread were rather thick and some parts of the ¼ mutton (R30) were tender but others gristly. Main point was that they were average and one can certainly get a better bunny elsewhere for a similar price.

There’s not much of a vibe to the outlet apart from the hand-painted pictures on the walls of a bunny and all, and a painting of Mrs Govender. We scored that 1/5 and the cleanliness factor also scored 1/5.

The mince samoosas contained ‘some funny herb’ and not much of a filling. The mince, if it was, looked dodgy. Our lady was not impressed. Size and price were fair but not for something you didn’t ask for.