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Musgrave Pie & Curry - QuarterBunny

Musgrave Pie & Curry
Luke Comins

Yet another outlet that we’ve seen on a few occasions but never at the right meal time… On this occasion I had an appointment with a bank in the centre next door but the bank representative didn’t keep her side of the appointment so, with time to spare and being lunch time, I decide to pop across to the Musgrave Centre and gun down that bunny.

Musgrave Pie & Curry are situated on the lower level of the shopping complex and Rajesh Maharaj has been running the outlet for the last four years. While waiting for my order and chatting with the owner it seems like this outlet does relatively well and is yet another of the Bunny Chow Barometer finalists, receiving a position in the Top 30′s in 2007, a top 10 finalist in 2008, and was keen to enter again in 2009 but his brother was getting married on the day of the BCB Finals at Lugs.

I waited a bit long for my order but wasn’t stressed as I needed to get my weekly stash of tobacco from the merch across the corridor. My usual – the ¼ beans (sugar beans here only) – was a fair size, fresh & full of relatively hot & spicy gravy but the beans were not cooked until soft enough and the bread walls and bottom of the bunny were rather thick. I do remember my work colleague raving about the ¼ chicken (Cornish) that I took back to the office for him. It was perfect for a wit o in that it was deboned (generally uncommon and frowned on by many a bunny maker), also a decent size and came at a very reasonable price (for an ‘upmarket’ shopping centre) of R26. The ¼ sugar beans was then selling for R12.50 (now R13). ¼ mutton now sells for R29.

The samoosas that some of the girls back at the office ordered didn’t get a good word at all… • “Potato – Pastry doughy and tough, filling stodgy, scarcely curried. Mince – Small, no curry taste, x.large bits of onion. Both tasted past their best.” • ”Found the samoosas disappointing. Pastry thick and oily and filling bland.” - R3 for mutton mince, chicken, cheese & sweetcorn, and potato.

Otherwise, all the usual I mentioned above plus sandwiches, pies, hot chips, rotis, subs, burgers, breyani and combo specials, and their most popular (as with most Indian outlets it seems!) - the mutton curry. They’re open till 17h00 weekdays, 18h00 on a Friday and 17h00/16h00 on a weekend.

Can’t remember what scores we gave the spot but I’ll check with our rating cards and add shortly