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Patel's Vegetarian Refreshment Lounge - QuarterBunny

Patel’s Vegetarian Refreshment Lounge
Luke Comins

If you haven’t tasted a vegetarian bunny from Patel’s Veg Lounge then don’t consider yourself a bunny lover!

Selling only vegetarian fare and mainly bunny chow (not chips, burgers, sandwiches or vetkoek), Patel’s has stayed true to its roots. It’s an institution and well worth the schlep into town. If you get there after 12h30 you might not get the bunny you want as the traffic jams up around there from 11am and the bunnies sell out sharp sharp.

Look, to be honest it’s not the greatest looking bunny or even the biggest. In fact I normally klup two but it has a really sublime taste – not too hot but very tasty. Your vegetarian friend might feel happy for once to have a choice too, and you can pretend for an hour or so that it really is bad bad to eat lamb.

So, do yourself a flavour and head down into Grey Street Durban, soak up the vibe and once in a while remember that bunny chow has been served in Durban for generations… these o’s have been serving bunnies since 1915!!